Boards of Directors

The Nineteenth Century Boards of Directors embody a wealth of knowledge, service to the community, and a desire to volunteer their time and talents. Their varied backgrounds, business specialties and interests bring a well-rounded view to the management of the organization.

Susan Roberts, President
Al Parchem, Executive Vice President
Mary Ann Porucznik, Corporate Secretary
Marianne Stefanski, Treasurer
Susan Kelty, Vice President, Finance
Carol Conboy, Director of Development
Diane Moses, Director of Programs
Marilyn Brumund/Duwanna Wall, Membership co-Directors
Jerry Hills/Amy Brinkman,  Marketing co-Directors
Nile Wendorf, Director of Legal Issues
Susan Cicelsky, Carol Conboy, Community Outreach co-Directors
Agnes Cecala/Carol Galvanoni, Scholarship co-Directors
Sarah Patton, Director of Correspondence
Robin Wienke, Building & Grounds
Helene Slowik, Director of Information Technology
Barbara Dolan/Judy Sora, Nominations co-Directors