Saving Our Steinways - A Master Piano Rebuilding Project

1928 saw the completion of the Nineteenth Century building, now designated a Landmark Building. That same year, the forward-thinking founders made the significant decision to purchase not one, but two concert-style Steinway grand pianos.

Now, 87 years later, these grand ladies have been completely rebuilt and refinished to ensure a future filled with musical programs. The 12,000+ parts were repaired or replaced – strings, hammers, whippens, and soundboards, plus the cases were refinished for each piano. The Board has established the Saving Our Steinways Fund to support the restoration and maintenance of the two Steinway pianos.   The living room Steinway was rebuilt by Chicago Piano Service and returned to its home in September, 2015. The ballroom Steinway was back home in early March, 2016.

The money to fund the project comes from a series of musical performances at the Nineteenth, grants, crowd-funding, occasional pop-up limited time opportunities, and private and corporate donations.  To donate, click here.